Three Years

I got a notification from WordPress today that it has been three years since I signed up for this wordpress blog. While it hasn’t been in constant use, this “anniverary” of sorts is pretty significant. That means it has been three years since I started trying to do photography as more than just a hobby.

I have to admit, at times it has been rough. I’ve been discouraged {a lot}. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve grown, and I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Sometimes I sit here and shake my head when I think of what I did when I first started doing this. My first five or six sessions were done with a point-and-shoot camera and edited on a free editing website called picnik, which is not around anymore. I made all the “rookie” mistakes: I tilted the camera ‘artistically,’ I took pictures of people on railroad tracks (even a pregnant friend of mine!), and I WAY over-edited my images.

But even when I look back at those images that sometimes make me shudder, I can’t help but be proud. There is a spark that I see in the pictures, however bad they are. A spark of creativity that has remained with me and is the reason I still love doing what I do. This learning process has been HARD and there have been a few harsh awakenings along the way, but I am so blessed to be doing something that I love and that challenges me on a daily basis.

So, for “grins and giggles” as my mom used to say, I am going to post a side by side comparison for you. My first family session {December 2010} was with my good friend Gena and her sweet kids. I had the pleasure of taking their family photos again last month {December 2013} because, thank goodness, even after that first session she still believed in me!


December 2010ImageDecember 2013


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