What? Another {BIG} Announcement?!

You ready for this? Announcement #2 is…

{Mommy&Me} Sessions!!

What does that mean, you ask? First, let me tell you why.

I had an amazing mother. She was an amazing woman of God, a wonderful, kind, encouraging woman with a distinctive laugh, and my best friend. She went to by with her Savior 4 1/2 years ago due to Lymphoma. It was unexpected {She hadn’t been diagnosed}. I miss her every day. So much.


{Mom} a few months before she passed away

And now I have the blessing of having a stepmother. My dad got married 2 weeks ago to this amazing woman who is also dedicated to the Lord, has a great sense of humor, and is an constant source of encouragement in my life.


Dad and {Sheri} with my grandparents. Photo courtesy of LauraLee Photography

With Mother’s Day coming up {in memory of my sweet mother, and in honor of my wonderful stepmom} I am offering {Mommy&Me} sessions. No matter how old you are, where you are in life, you should always have pictures of you and your mom. I feel like I don’t have enough with mine because she was always the one behind the camera. Please don’t face the same regret.


My normal session fee is $75, but if you choose to do a {Mommy&Me} session, it is only $50.* This includes an hour session and 15-20 finished images on a disk within 2 weeks.

*In order to qualify for this special, there MUST be a mom {or stepmom, female parental guardian, even mom-in-law} and she MUST be in the pictures. You might have to do some convincing to get her {in front} of the camera for once.


“The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.”

~William Goldsmith Brown

❤ Amy Lou


One thought on “What? Another {BIG} Announcement?!

  1. Wish I could . . . would love to do a photo shoot up in heaven, Amy. And you are so right . . get those pictures while you can. I don’t have one of my mom and me in those later years.

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