I’m still alive! I promise. Plus GIVEAWAYS!

So…Now that I’m sure that you aren’t checking this any more, I’m going to give it another try. I might not be able to update every day, but I am going to try to update 2 to 3 times a week. Wanna see what’s been happening since I last posted?? 😀

This liitle bundle of cuteness is Bentley, who was three months old at the time of this photo. My mother in law and I had the joy of taking his pictures about....a month and a half ago? Has it really been that long?

I had the opportunity to be the second photographer at a wedding...my first! Still editing the pictures.

During Spring Break, my mother in law (Isn't she cute? tee hee) and I did a "photobooth" at a friends wedding! It was so much fun. We'll get another opportunity at the end of this month to do it again. NOW BOOKING FOR YOUR EVENT!! 😀

This little sweeitie is Mackenzie, the 6 month old daughter of a friend of mine. I'm posting quite a few pictures of her on here because she is just too cute. I'm going to take more pictures of her tomorrow, with her mommy and daddy! So excited!

Mackenzie again. Isn't her bow the cutest?

Look at her gorgeous eyes. I was entranced. ❤


Business is really starting to pick up! I’m hoping to have earned enough to buy a dSLR by August, so that I can continue to get better. After that I will invest in some better photo-shopping software. Please visit my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/SixthDay-Photography/122602667798739) because I tend to update it more regularly. It is also where you can find any information about fees and sessions.

Now for the REAL reason you’ve read this post…giveaways! My friend Kristi is the incredibly talented owner and artist of Only Prettier, the best place to find homemade accessories for you and for your home. Please visit her blog! http://onlyprettierdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/04/5th-gift-to-giveaway.html She is celebrating her 500th fan on Facebook by having GIVEAWAYS, and believe me, the items are CUTE. Not only does she make GREAT accessories, but she also has a great heart ❤ She donates headbands to my friend Mia of  Compassion Photography (http://compassionphotography.com/), a ministry that takes professional pictures of children with life-altering illnesses, such as the sweet children at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Please check them both out!


❤ Amy Lou


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