If you really knew me….

…you’d know that I kinda have this thing for frogs. Not real ones, mind you, though it’s not that I don’t like real ones. But I absolutely LOVE drawings, figurines, and decorations with frogs. They’re always so cute. It all started in middle school, when I had envy of a girl with the same name as me that was popular with everyone I knew. She liked frogs, and so I decided I did too. I know, a little shallow and kinda stupid. But now my love for the little green buggers is genuine.

Inadvertently, I’ve got them all over the apartment. The decorations in the bathroom are frogs on purpose. But I ended getting all sorts of frog decorations from family, friends, and church members, that they are EVERYWHERE. So, meet my little green croakers:


This girl is in the bathroom. 🙂


This little guy is one of my favorites. He's the soap dispenser in the bathroom, and he croaks when you get soap. At least, he did until the battery died. The red bow spruced him up for Christmas.


This guy is my PillowPet! 🙂 He's currently on the chest at the foot of our bed.


This little guy croaks Christmas carols! Right now he's in the living room, but soon he'll be in a box, hanging out with the other Christmas decorations until next December.


These two cuties are on a shelf right over the kitchen sink. They make me smile every time I see them.


Meet my salt and pepper shakers. They came on a little lily-pad saucer, but it's in the sink with some other dirty dishes.


I got this bowl from my friend Hikki from Japan.


This guy is a little office organizer. He holds paper clips in his mouth, pens in a hole on his back, and the tape goes on his arm, and the serrated edge to cut the tape is on the end of his tongue!


I’ve had people ask me why I am so obsessed with frogs. I’m not really OBSESSED. But I have figured out that once people find out that I like them, they think of me every time they see one. Kinda cool, huh? Hope you enjoyed meeting my little “friends.”

❤ Amy


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